There are many different aspects to the equine industry, an industry that is full of quirks, complexities and specialisms that have to be fully understood when two parties are coming together on a single issue. Having the assistance of a solicitor with a specialist knowledge of the equine industry will help you should you have an interest in horses. This interest could be of a personal nature, or it could be that your business venture runs within the equine industry. Either way, there are several issues involving horses and surrounding pursuits where you could benefit from the assistance of equine solicitors in some form, whether you are a horse owner, a rider or involved in the equine industry in some other capacity.

There are many unique challenges and pressure points within the equine industry to be aware of. Having accurate equine legal advice, with clarity and purpose will help you should you not have an in-depth knowledge of the legal eccentricities of the equine industry. Look to work with equine solicitors that understand the law in detail, and how the law equates to horses, but also look to work with equine solicitors that have a real passion and understanding of horses themselves and the pastimes and industries where they are present. It could make a real difference to the outcome of your problem or process within the industry to have someone on your side who has knowledge and passion of horses combined with legal nous.

Within certain solicitors and law firms you’ll find teams of specialists in agriculture and rural law. If you find a legal team that has this available to you, ensure that you work with them, as it is much better than to align your outcome with a firm of solicitors who do not have that background in rural matters, which can be very specific and quirky in nature when compared to other areas of the legal field.

An equine solicitor can help you in several ways. It could be that you are involved in the sale or purchase of an equestrian property, or wish to draw up a contract relating to the sale or loan of a horse. It isn’t just with sales and purchases that equine legal assistance is required however, with many different facets of the industry complex in nature. They include knowledge of all liabilities under the Animals Act 1971, health and welfare of horses, grazing licences, business tenancies and business set up for ventures within the equine industry. An equine solicitor can also assist with all transport regulations and protocols involving horses, as well as deal with personal injury involving a horse or an accident that occurred on the site of a business within the equine industry.

As with any type of legal matter, the greater the level of expertise at your disposal the higher the likelihood of a positive outcome. Align yourself with specialists, who have a knowledge and love of horses and you will have found the right equine solicitors for your specific needs.