In the event of a car accident, most people would look to settling damages out of court. Sometimes this is not the case.

There are times when the damages and settlement offered to us by the other driver’s insurer do not go hand in hand. This can be primarily because the other driver is underinsured. When one decides to take legal action it may be either because:-

  • The insurer’s settlement can barely pay the medical bills and car repairs
  • The plaintiff feels they have not been settled enough in the case of wrongful death, emotional and psychological damages among other things

Lawsuits are a long process that can drain a plaintiff emotionally, physically and emotionally. The financial strain is the worst. Lawsuits, especially personal injury claims, can be dragged for a couple of years. That is why it is recommended to seek auto accident lawsuit loans. These are cash advances that are given to a successful plaintiff while awaiting expected compensation. They are usually dispatched 24hours after a successful application. Despite the use of the word ‘loans’, they are not actual loans. This is because if the plaintiff does not win the case, they will not be entitled to repay the money.

These loans aid the plaintiff in meeting their day to day needs. Some of the tasks that the auto accident lawsuit loans can be used to cater to include:-

  • To pay for accruing medical bills in the event that the plaintiff was rendered immobile due to injuries that came about from the accident.
  • To pay for car repairs or buying a new car that has the necessary amenities that ensure effortless entry and exit from the car. This is especially important for plaintiffs who suffered injuries or disabilities.
  • To pay utility bills and other personal bills
  • To make rent or mortgage payments.


Below is the procedure the plaintiff will follow in order to have successfully filed a lawsuit in regards to the auto accident

  • The plaintiff will file a complaint. A complaint is a document that states the events that occurred, the claimed damages and the legal reasons as to why they are filing the lawsuit.
  • The defendant will then be informed of the arising matters and be served with the complaint.
  • The defendant will then file an answer by stating if he agrees or denies the claim.
  • Discovery then occurs. This is the time when two sides exchange relevant information that will aid in getting appropriate evidence in regards to the case.
  • Trial commences. Here, both sides give opening statements. The plaintiff is questioned and cross-examined by the defendant’s lawyer and vice versa. The lawyers then give their closing statements and it is now for the jury to deliberate. After lengthy deliberations, they will either rule in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant. If they rule in favor of the plaintiff, they come up with a specific amount in damages and order the defendant to pay.

A lawsuit is a very gruesome process that wastes a lot of time. Persons should try as much as possible to make appropriate settlements and go for lawsuits as a last resort.