Bill 171 2017 or Phones Down Heads Up Act 2017 amends the highway act in order to make the roads safer for pedestrians and drivers. The act prohibits pedestrians from using mobile devices and other electronic devices while crossing a roadway. The bill requires that the Ministry of Transportation conduct an annual awareness campaign about the harms caused by distracted walking. The bill poses fine for those pedestrians who will be caught using mobile phones and other electronic devices while crossing the roads. provides updates reading the new laws that could hit the streets of Ontario and how these new laws will be significant in making the roads safer for the general public.

Ontario has a history of road casualties:

Ontario has a history of road deaths.  In 2017 more than 25 pedestrians were killed on Toronto streets. 2016 witnessed 43 pedestrians deaths. One report suggests that 11 out of 95 road casualties in 2010 were using cellphones at the time of road crossing.

Even the 2015 Toronto Public Health Report found 40% inattentive or distracted pedestrians while crossing roadways.

What could be the fine amount?

In order to make the road of Ontario safe, a fine has been imposed on pedestrians who are distracted by cell phones. Fine of $50 is for first offenders, $ 75 for second offenders and $125 fine for the third time offense.

Exemptions of Act:

With the bill coming effective, the pedestrians will be more cautious about using the smartphones on the roads. However, the act exempts the pedestrians using the mobiles for emergency services, police, fire services or ambulance or starting a phone call before entering the roadway.

Annual Awareness Campaign:

The Ministry of Transportation will conduct an annual awareness campaign to make the pedestrians and drivers aware of the hazards of using mobiles while being on roads.

How much the bill be helpful?

The bill was presented along with Toronto Public health 2015 report which states that inattentive pedestrians were 40% more susceptible to collision than the attentive ones. Road experts also feel that distracted pedestrians are more likely to get hurt while crossing roads. With the passing of the bill, the fine amount will be imposed on pedestrians using mobile and electronic devices while crossing roadways.

Wagners are concerned about your safety.

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