In 2019, the H1B application (h1b 申请) season is about to begin. The international students who received the sponsor of the employer began to check the materials handed to the lawyer over and over again. They silently prayed that they could be won this year. International students who have not yet confirmed their H1B application with their employers are also trying to get employers to apply for H1B for themselves.

The H1B visa is the main way for foreign professional and technical personnel to stay in the United States. It has brought a large number of technical staff to the United States. In recent years, the H1B policy has become more and more strict. Under such circumstances, there have been many changes in the situation of American students studying in the United States. Earlier this year, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) released a USCIS data analysis report showing that the agency had serious delays in processing various immigrant visa applications. AILA found that USCIS’s case processing time increased by 46% in the past two fiscal years, an increase of 91% compared to 2014. The report also found that the number of applications submitted last year (2018) decreased, but the time for the immigration office to process applications increased.

H1B not only has increased processing time, but the process and standards of H1B trials have become more stringent. In recent years, not only H1B’s first application, but also H1B transfer and H1B extension may receive h1b rfe, and may even be rejected. Many employers are also aware of this change, starting to increase the threshold in the recruitment process, only recruiting green cards and US citizens, which is even worse for the employment situation of international students in the United States. Some people start to work an unpaid intern (美国实习), and get some experience first.

It is difficult for international students to find a job in New York 纽约找工作, so many people start with an intern (纽约实习). It is even harder to find an employer who are willing to sponsor H1B. And even if the employer can apply for the H1B, he still has to go through the H-1B lottery (h1b 抽签) and the written materials to review the two levels.

 [warm reminder] When you apply for a school, you should find STEM professional, you can enjoy three years of OPT. In addition, for students who graduated in winter, it is very important to choose the OPT start time reasonably. Considering that the H1B visa can only be applied on the first working day of April, for the sake of safety, the OPT start time is not recommended as early as February.