There may come a time in your life when you may have a feeling that something is going on, but you are not sure. You may feel that your spouse is cheating on you or you may need help finding your runaway teenager. There are also times when you need evidence so that you can take legal action. Child custody cases are one of the most popular reasons why people hire investigators. Some of these reasons are for your own peace of mind, decision-making purposes, or to gather legal evidence.

Child Custody

Child custody cases, even at their best, can be highly emotional. Parents must often adhere to visitation standards set by law. It is difficult to get visitation limited or taken without significant evidence of wrongdoing or safety issues. A parent, for example, must test positive for drugs, show definite abusive behaviour, or be neglectful. All of these items can be difficult to prove. Abuse is often the one that needs the most proof, especially emotional abuse. The abuse must also be directed at the child, not the spouse. You may assume by your child’s behaviour that abuse is happening during visitation; however, a young child may not be able to vocalise what is happening. A private investigator company in Sydney can help you begin to gather appropriate evidence.

Cheating Spouse

The signs of a cheating spouse are not hard to miss. They may suddenly lock their phone or stay late after work. They may not have a straight answer when confronted. Most people know something is wrong, even if they are not sure what it is. You may wish to know for sure if your spouse is cheating so that you can make some decisions for your future. It may be in your best interest to file for divorce, for example. When infidelity can be proven it is a legitimate reason to file for divorce. It may often help you to achieve more benefits in the divorce case when you have proof of infidelity.

Missing Children

Teenagers can be difficult to deal with. They may run off for the day without telling you where they are going and be argumentative when confronted. When a teenager goes missing, a proper notice may not be sent out right away by the police. Sometimes, law enforcement needs something to show that there was foul play. Parents may be told that the child has most likely gone somewhere safe and just does not want to come home. A private investigator can help look for your child and provide evidence necessary to get them properly reported missing.

There are times when a private investigator is the only option for moving forward in a court case or missing persons case. They can often provide new information or confirmation of something suspected. Take the time to explain the situation clearly to the investigator company that you are using. They can find out what you need to know, without ever making the person in question suspicious. A good investigator can get answers to your questions.