When you are charged with a criminal office, the first obvious step is to seek legal help and opinion. Hiring a lawyer is a must in any case, unless you want to be at the mercy of the system. Things like how you respond to police, authorities, family members and other witnesses, can impact your case in various ways.  In this post, we suggest the basics about selecting a lawyer and other things you need to know.

Don’t give up

Just because you have been accused of a crime doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. However, a more terrible mistake is to have a false sense of assurance and security, especially when the person is innocent. While being arrested is a part of the criminal justice process, it doesn’t mean that you are guilty, and it is necessary that you seek legal opinion as soon as possible. As the matters goes to the court, you will need a defense lawyer like https://kenphillipslaw.com/criminal-defense for clearing your name.

The role of a criminal defense attorney

Depending on the nature of the crime, the work of a criminal defense attorney can be different but remains extremely crucial nonetheless. From handling cases like DUI to complicated felony charges, criminal defense attorneys deal with everything. Attorneys may have expertise in handling certain kind of cases, but their role remains almost the same – They ensure that things move in favor of their client. They will keep a tab on the paperwork, witnesses and all other things that may impact the case.

What to look for while hiring an attorney?

First and foremost, select a criminal defense attorney who’s experienced and has the necessary expertise. He must be willing to collaborate as required and negotiate plea bargains with the prosecutor, so that the sentence is more lenient. Even if you are pleading guilty, the criminal defense attorney will try to get an appropriate sentence by working with the District Attorney. The lawyer is also expected to guide on all the important aspects of the case and what to expect in terms of results. Also, an attorney offers mental and emotional support to the client, helping them take a call with regards to what’s said in the court.

Keep in mind that criminal cases require more attention, and it is best to hire an attorney who is willing to put in the effort and time required for getting justice.